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10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

I'm busy. Who isn't? I can easily feel overwhelmed and under appreciated. That is why I appreciate the #selfcare movement. It may imply that one need to focus entirely on one's self; however, I disagree. Here are 10 ways you can start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved: 1. Give thanks for 3 things today. Say them out loud. Make them count and make each day different. Create a video of these moments and look back on them at the end of the week. You'll be surprised by how much you have for which to be grateful. 2. Tell someone they are appreciated. 3. Help someone with a task that is clearly undesirable. Team Work. 4. Get outside. Walk with a friend, attend an athletic event, have coffee at a chic outdoor cafe. 5. Drink water every time you look at your phone. It's AMAZING how much you will drink. 6. Share a meal with someone. Breaking break brings people closer together than sitting in a meeting, at a desk, on a sofa. 7. Read a book. Share it and talk about it. It's amazing how the written word can really start a conversation or paint a picture. 8. Save a dollar. $1/day if you can. $1/week, if you can. It's a start and put it in a jar to watch it accumulate. 9. Stretch throughout the day. Roll your shoulders, perform some yoga moves, and don't limit the time of day. 10. Love yourself, give of yourself, and good things will come back to you.

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