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Budget for Holiday Travel

Kids have or will be starting school within the next few days and IG users are posting pics of pumpkins, oversized sweaters, and fall foliage. Wait a minute, it's 95 degrees outside w/195% humidity!!! Summer isn't over yet and there's still time to book your Labor Day holiday (September 9th). More importantly, you should start looking at where you'll be for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

It has been my experience that the seasoned travelers not only have this year booked, but are also working with their advisors on vacations for 2020. Why? Because the entire world is booking these holidays, especially New Year's Eve and Day. A lot of companies abroad give their employees the entire holiday season off from work to be with their families. Therefore, availability is at a premium!

It's really important to at least know your options and be able to budget in advance for the 2020 holiday season, right? Did you know you can make monthly payments so you don't get hit all at once with vacation costs? I highly recommend that you look at this option. It allows one to take small bites out of the total cost, perhaps bypass credit card debt, and you'll feel relief when you're not dwelling on a deadline date. You can then enjoy your family, friends, and vacation without worrying about not having any extra funds for a night out for tapas, an excursion, gifts and memorabilia, gratuities, etc.,

I've added a complimentary Travel Budget Spreadsheet below. Please note, you can get very granular with budgets and this one represents the basic charges you will need to address before your departure.

Click below, download, register with your email, call Kandice, and let's start planning your holiday vacation!

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