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How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Ever had a gut feeling that made you turn around and run in the other direction? Who hasn't? Don't be afraid and don't fight it. I recently read an article by University of Southern California that said the "'gut instinct' may have been the GPS of human ancestors". This is fascinating because we now use apps to guide us in ways that were typically fostered by instincts. Does this mean we are relying more today on technology to make us happy and to determine what is best for us? While I'm not sure, I am happy to say that our sense of what is right and how to create a more environmentally friendly travel experience has taken on a new meaning. Overly abundant landfills, the ever present statistics of global warming, and daily pressure to recycle, has finally found a foothold in the travel industry. From Green Cruises provided by Holland America, Disney, and Royal Caribbean to app driven itineraries provided by Trafalgar and Viator, we can all agree that it is in our best interest to follow our gut, make small changes that will decrease our travel footprint, and feel good about how we vacation.

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