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"On Your Left!"

My girl Big Al, aka Alice, and I walk at least 5 days a week. It's our way of fending off the soreness when getting out of bed, watching the accumulation of wrinkles on our faces, and feeling our tummies jiggle when our vehicles hit a pot hole. Walking gives us an opportunity to give thanks for the abundant wildlife; we notice how mother nature has changed with the weather; and frankly, we discuss (somewhat shamefully) what we've eaten in the last 24hrs that was never an issue at 27yrs of age. That being said, we have to be uber cautious because our comrades who bike are usually moving at a higher speed. We too enjoy biking but are not Tour de France material. We don't wear the cycling jerseys, have clip on bike pedals, and certainly don't wear the fancy gloves and helmets. I've never understood the jerseys in the Tour de France until I googled it and found this gem:

While we will never wear a jersey and will most likely not be a lifestyle cyclists, we genuinely appreciate those who shout out, "ON YOUR LEFT" prior to speeding by. In return, we will throw you the hang loose sign.

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